Dean’s List: Random, Very Aquarian

January 23, 2021

Happy Birthday to my Mom, Dorothy Margaret Spearman! I love my mom’s maiden name. I’m starting my birthday month of celebration this week because I’m barely past dealing with the one-year mark of her passing, and today is her birthday. Monday is my sister’s birthday, who we lost to brain cancer in 2012. My birthday is January 29. The last month was not really the usual, new year, birthday month, so I’m rescheduling for now until February 28. In support of my stepped up writing and leading Write Your Life a a Woman + The Artist’s Way online classes, expect TL;DR, stream-of-consciousness; rambling, sappy posts, and gratitude lists, TA-DA lists, and more fun!

My Mom’s favorite saying was, “I’m just going to be happy. No one can steal my joy.” 

And, I am being loved and supported during all of this and politics and the pandemic by friends and loved ones, old and new, near and far, known in real life and met and bonded with online. Feeling very grateful! Thanks, y’all!

I’m also committed to organizing, scanning, etc., a ton of family photos this winter. That project has been started, shifted, rethought, and packed away, a few times. I’m riding the wave of the great energy shift with the new Administration and getting stuff done! 

Also, happy birthday to Debbie Rosas, one of the founders of Nia – my favorite movement / dance practice. I am a longtime student and sometimes teacher. Right now, I am dipping my toe back in their new online training offerings. If you have not tried Nia, check out the app. There is a free trial. I’ll be sharing more of my practice here and on my social feeds. And if you know Nia and ever thought about doing the belt trainings and/or teaching – I strongly, enthusiastically recommend it. I’m always glad to answer questions, too, and you can read more at

My favorite Nia mantras/slogans: 

Through Movement We Find Health  &

The Joy of Movement 


How cool that these two women who encouraged me to dance through life share a birthday! 

My Mom drove me to lots of dance lessons, and paid for more when I was old enough to drive. She also made us all matching square dance outfits – for the whole family – and got us all to the dances. Through the years she nagged me whenever I was not dancing regularly, always throwing in a little southern mother guilt of “… all that time and money and effort we spent on your dance classes, just going to waste. And you know you need it.” 

Headed to my living room dance floor now to do the latest Nia routine that will be shared with the public soon. Stay tuned!

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