TA-DA Lists

I’m leading a couple of my Write Your Life As A Woman online groups thru The Artist Way by Julia Cameron (room in Sun. 6-8pm ET staring Jan 31. DM for info). In one of her books she talks about having a TA-DA list at the end of the day of what you accomplished. Instead of a to-do list at the beginning of the day.

Seems perfect for right now. I’m sure all the experts agree that we need to have reasonable expectations of ourselves and what we accomplish … and, of course, I love that it’s similar to my initials and my blog name


… so….

Weekend TA-DA List:

  • Have been resting more
  • Watching less news *But still not missing anything
  • Writing more
  • Pausing from sunset to last light for misc. spiritual stuff
  • Lighting candles each night for me, you, everyone here, gone, struggling, evolving
  • Having great artist dates… Pressing flowers, trying new painting methods, singing along to musicals
  • And I salvaged all the produce in my fridge before it went bad and made lentil stew.
  • And I started distilling my own water for growing my own sprouts.


If you feel inspired to share your TA-DA list please do!